Collection: Greeting cards

Frequently asked questions

Do you carry greeting cards for special occasions?

We only create and carry blank greeting cards, with a focus on "leave it out year round" designs, allowing you to use any of our cards for any occasion. We purposely avoid text or design motifs that might be overtly seasonal or specific, with that in mind you might still enjoy using our Winter Bird or Pinecones & Berries cards for all your eco-friendly holiday needs.

How many stamps do I need to put on a greeting card?

Our greeting cards are made to fit in A1 envelopes, 3.5 x 5", and fit small inserts like a gift card or handwritten note. Cards of this size will typically need just one stamp to be delivered. In general, if you're mailing cards within the USA you'll need one stamp for every ounce that the card weighs.

Are greeting cards recyclable?

All of our greeting cards are made with eco-friendly paper and water-based inks—ensuring they're curbside recyclable. No need to worry, your local recycling center can handle it. Not all greeting cards are recyclable out of the package though. For other cards you might need to remove ornaments or embellishments like glitter, finishes like photo paper or glosses, or other kinds of applied plastics that aren't recyclable before you toss them in your recycling bin.