Our mission

Back of an Arcady Goods notebook, embossed inscription reads "Arcady Goods. Handmade in Tacoma, Washington, USA. Established 2022."

Better books & paper

Arcady Goods creates quality books and paper goods that look good and are good for the planet. Classic style, built to last, handcrafted in the Pacific Northwest. Every order plants a tree through our partnership with One Tree Planted, a non-profit that restores and protects vulnerable ecosystems through reforestation.

We're currently focusing on projects in British Columbia, Canada. Since opening in July 2022 we have helped plant over 700 trees.

You deserve the best

In addition to our original paper goods we also carry a curated stock of "Brands we love" items. We only source items that are reusable and made to last or are produced with sustainable materials in ethical facilities.

Our goal is to reduce the consumption of single use goods as much as possible and help our customers invest in products made with eco-friendly and renewable materials. All of our 3rd party products are made in developed nations that have rigorous environmental policies and protections.