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Daily Planner Notepad

Daily Planner Notepad

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Our daily planning notepad features over 40 pages and is made to fit in small bags and pouches so you can stay organized anytime, anywhere. Inspired by mid-century modern design, retro library cards, and your grandmother's favorite couponing desk.  Perfect for taking notes or using as a daily planner, makes a great gift for your favorite daily to-do list-planning aficionado friend or family member.


  • Paper: 70# (28# bond, 105gsm) construction paper or kraft paper. 30-100% recycled (up to 30% post-consumer waste), FSC® Mix certified. 
  • Backing: 140# (380gsm) Kraft, 100% recycled, 30% PCW.
  • All papers are made with water-soluble dyes, processed and elemental chlorine-free. Manufactured in the USA using hydropower


  • Dimensions: Standard, 4.25 x 6.5" | Small, 3.25 x 5". Based on phi, the golden ratio—prized by artists, designers, and architects.
  • Padded and trimmed by hand. Variety is good, natural, and all but guaranteed.
  • Arcady Goods products are printed and assembled in the States. We only use sustainable materials, recycled and FSC® certified papers, for all of our paper goods. We prioritize made-in-the-USA materials and manufacturing.
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